Terms & Conditions

Personal Commitment

We have faith in what we are doing; however it takes two to get the desired results. Success does not happen overnight so a fitness program requires a level of personal commitment from each and every client.

"Your degree of results is directly proportional to your level of commitment"

Cancellation Policy

Please respect the value of your session and give as much notice as possible if you should need to cancel. The spa does operate a 24hour cancellation notice period; however its not always possible to know what you will be doing 24hours from now, so for Personal Training we operate a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you do cancel within 12 hours you will be charged the hourly rate for that session. All cancellations will be dealt with on an individual basis. Please call your trainer directly to cancel or re-arrange appointments. On occasion, we may need to reschedule your session, but you will be given advance notice.


Like yourself, your friends deserve the best. For each new client that is successfully introduced to us, you will receive a complimentary training sessions.


Sessions will last for 60mins. Please be ready to begin at your scheduled time. If you turn up late, the session will finish on time. Clients will be required to keep a food diary in order to assess nutritional content and suggestions will be made to help improve your eating habits. Travel programs can also be to be taken away on business trips or holidays to keep you on track.


As with any good business we are not happy unless you are. If you are dissatisfied with any of our service we will return any outstanding balance of sessions owing to you. The only questions asked will be for our learning and self-improvement. However all unused sessions will expire after 6 months.

Client to Read and Sign

I understand that this is not a legally binding contract, it is simply a tool designed to inform me of how Personal Training operates at the Sanderson. My Trainer has taken care to council me about my health and interview me regarding my medical history. I have told them all that I feel will affect my programming and they noted this.

I agree to inform my trainer of any changes that occur to my physical condition, which might in any way affect my ability to participate in the exercise or nutrition program.

I am aware that embarking on an exercise and nutrition program, whether strenuous or otherwise involves a degree of risk to my safety and my trainer cannot be responsible for such risk.


Contact Details:
Jamie Baird 07970 782 476
Ray Kelly 07776 294 317