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Food Guidlines

28/01/2011by in

Alcohol: the less the better, none is great. If you have to then restrict to 1-2 drinking nights per week

Starchy Carbs: 1 slice of Vogel / soy & linseed / Burgen / rye or multigrain bread a day is allowed. A small portion of brown rice / whole wheat pasta is allowed for lunch only.

All Meals: All meals should be protein and carbohydrate based.

  • Add a palm sized portion of seeds / nuts to your porridge to increase the protein content.
  • Lunch should also be protein and carbs.
  • Your evening meal should consist of a lean protein source and low glycemic vegetables.
  • No meal or snack should be carb only.

Dairy: ½ a pint of skimmed milk a day max. Mix porridge with water. Only use milk for tea. Other sources of dairy are not allowed.

Processed Foods: They contain far too many hidden products such as salt, sugar and a variety of preservatives. Stay away form these as much as possible.

Fruit: Only fruit allowed is berries with breakfast. One of my clients reduced his intake of fruit by half and lost ½ a stone in 2 weeks.

Sugar: All types of refined sugar should be eliminated from your diet. This also includes substitute sugars such as artificial sweeteners.

Portion Control: The palm of your hand is a great indicator of a portion size.

Snacks: Nuts, seeds, vegetables with hummus, lean meats are the only snacks allowed between meals.

Eating Times: In an ideal world every 3-4hrs: 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm & 7pm.

Late at Nights: If you are hungry or need to eat late then use the protein shake and a palm size serving of nuts and seeds.

Food: All food should be “Lean & Clean”!!!! I.e. not processed or have been touched or interfered with by someone else.