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Concept 2 Rowing Workouts

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Workout 1

Type: High Aerobic
Time Required: 20-35 minutes
Monitor Set-up: after the warm up, pre-set work time of 5.00 or 10.00 and rest time of 1.00 or 2.00.

Warm up for 5 mins. Set the monitor then row 3 intervals of 5/10 mins with 1/2 mins easy. Your effort should be such that you cannot carry on an extended conversation. Warm down for 2-3 mins.

Variations: Decrease interval length to 5 mins and do 6 intervals with a 1 min rest interval.

Workout 2

Type: Anaerobic
Time Required: 20-40 mins
Monitor Set-up: After 5 min. warm up, pre-set a work time of 1 min and a rest time of 30 seconds.

Row 10-20 sets of 1 min hard, 30 secs easy. Intensity for the 20 pieces is as follows: 1st 5 pieces moderate, 2nd 5 pieces fast, 3rd 5 pieces moderate and last 5 pieces very fast.

Variations: Decrease sets to 16 (4 sets of 4), or 12 (4 sets of 3)

Workout 3

Type: Aerobic
Time: 20-30mins
Monitor set-up: after gentle warm up, pre-set a work distance of 5000 or 7500m

Workout: At every 1000m mark (7000, 6000, 5000, 4000, etc.) row 250/500m at a swifter pace.

Variations: Pre set a work distance of 5000m and at every 500m (4500, 3500, 2500 etc.) mark do 250m at a swifter pace.

Workout 4

Type: Time Trial
Time: as quick as possible
Monitor set-up: after a gentle warm up, pre set a work distance of 2000m.

Workout: row your nuts off for the full 2000m.

Variation: there isn’t one. Only do once a month.

Workout 5

Type: Anaerobic
Time: 40 minutes
Monitor set-up: after gentle warm up, pre-set a work distance of 500m and rest time of 3 mins.

Row 6 work intervals of 500m with a 3 min rest between intervals. This should give you enough rest to push hard on each piece. At the end row easily for 3 mins.